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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Can Spam

That's the name of the new Spam bill Bush just signed.  It's now a federal offense for spamming.  Hope the telemarketers are next!
The bill supplants anti-spam laws already passed in some states, including California. It also encourages the Federal Trade Commission to create a do-not-spam list of e-mail addresses and includes penalties for spammers of up to five years in prison in rare circumstances.

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Sunday, December 14, 2003
Capture of Saddam

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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Holiday shoppers push Dow over 10,000

I just have a few words for the democrats today just Shut the FUCK UP!

Ahhh, that felt good!

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This is what democrats are against putting an end to.

I came across this link today, which again proves that democrats only think of themselves. 

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The character of sleazy democrats never ends...

Another example of the character of a Democrat...

"Democrats are making this one of the nastiest, vicious and negative campaigns in American history".

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The sleazy democrats are at it again!

Those sleazy, slimy democrats are at it again!  This is why you could never pay me enough money to be a democrat, all they care about is their self.  NOT what's best for America.  They will go to great links to beat the system, and that's who we want in office? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

A Message from Bush-Cheney '04 Chairman, Marc Racicot:Democrat Presidential candidates are making vicious personal attacks on President Bush. Now comes news from a Wall Street Journal investigative report that wealthy liberals "have plotted ways around the campaign finance law" to funnel millions in illegal soft money donations "to finance get-out-the-vote efforts and ads slamming Mr. Bush and Republicans."

One billionaire liberal, George Soros, has already pledged $25 million to get these efforts off the ground. Soros even said that President Bush reminds him of the Nazis. Soros got another billionaire leftist, Peter Lewis, an ardent advocate of hard drugs, to promise $12 million as a down payment. Their goal is to raise over $400 million to defeat the President and they're halfway there. To beat these billionaire liberals, we need your help today!

Please, will you send the Bush re-election campaign $25, $50, $75, $100 or whatever you can afford to give today? You can give by using the campaign's secure online donation form. Whatever way you can, please contribute today.

There's one more thing you can do to help the President overcome the smears and invective of the Democrats. We want to reach our goal of 450,000 grassroots contributors to the President's campaign by December 31st. Will you forward this email to five friends with your personal request to join you in supporting the President?

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
What’s Happening on Wednesday, December 10, 2003?

At 1:15 pm, Governor Rick Perry and Texas Republican leaders will file the official paperwork to place President George W. Bush on the Texas Republican Party Primary ballot in Austin, TX.



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Hello and Welcome to the Bush Blog site.  You have picked a good spot!  Feel free to add your comments and stay tuned there is more to come!

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"Bush campaign has an e-mail list totaling 6 million people...and the Bush operation is in the middle of an unprecedented drive to register 3 million new Republican voters.  The campaign has set county vote targets in some states and has begun training thousands of volunteers who will recruit an army of door-to-door canvassers for the final days of the election next November..." 

Are you registered to vote?  Don't wait until it's too late....cause we don't want the whiney titty babies in the house!

"While Democrats are making this one of the nastiest, vicious and negative campaigns in American history."

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